Tuesday, June 28, 2011

P.S. on the Gluten Free...

I already cracked on the Gluten Free diet, by day 2. They were offered a cookie at the store, and I let them have it. Dammit! Weak weak, weak as water (me, of course, not them). Will try again tomorrow...


  1. one step forward..... two steps back.... is still forward! I know....... seeing as we are in this together~ it SUCKS!!!! but it is worth the try!

  2. Good luck with the diet! It looks like chocolate is gluten free, that would be a great help for me if we decide on embark on the diet. Do you have any comfort foods that are gluten free?

  3. My kids LOVE love love popcorn (and, so do I), so it has become our number one comfort food. We use an air-popper but there is no way this is a healthy option considering the amount of butter we put on it(we have not gone the DF route yet).