Thursday, June 16, 2011

Light Up the Phones: Push for Hearing on SB 555

An amazing mom clued me in to this push to pass SB555, an Autism insurance reform bill, that would reimburse families for costs related to medical treatments related to the diagnosis. For more information regarding this bill, please refer to the link to the right labeled "Autism Votes".

(The Following is from Autism Votes: What the "push" is trying to do)

Here is how YOU can help: You will need to call each day until we say STOP. The People answering the phones should be breathless from answering the phone so much - if they aren't, redial and do it again!

1. Sen. David Nelson - 503.986.1729
2. Sen. Richard Devlin - 503.986.1719
3. Sen. Peter Courtney - 503.986.1600

All you need to say is:

"Hi. My name is (name). Please hold a hearing on SB 555, the Autism insurance reform bill. New cost estimates from PEBB/OEBB indicate our state CAN afford this. Thank you."

After you make these 3 calls, send a quick email stating the same thing.

Spread the word!


  1. Thank you for your help! --Tatiana

  2. I'll get right on that! Thanks for spreading the word.

  3. gonna get going on this... and spread the news!