Sunday, June 19, 2011

The GF Diet - AKA How to Suck the Joy Out of Life

I have resisted the GF (and CF) diet for my kids for years now. Resisted? I RESENTED the damn diet is more like it. Maybe it's because we live in food-obsessed Portland, where I feel the need to hide the bag of Cheetos when we have people over, or maybe because when I place the GFCF products at New Seasons into my cart I know that I am basically going to be buggered at the check out stand. Yes, I buy organic and shop locally, so do I need ONE more thing to feel guilty about?

Apparently, yes. So this summer we are going GF as a family. 8 week trial run, while I am still home with the kids and we have the time to carefully handcraft their foods. And only GF to start with - I have not the strength to do both right away.

So back to looking for more than odd preservatives and food dyes on the boxes. I love my babies, and they are worth the hassle. I feel good about this decision, and announced my intention to friends and family. I picked up a range of GF cookbooks from the library to give me inspiration.

And now I am pissy again. It is like a guidebook on how to make eating suck. The list of things to avoid looks like my damned GROCERY list - pasta, bread, oatmeal's, cookies, and if I add the CF to the list, well there goes butter, yogurt, yummy milk and ice cream. How can I really say goodbye to my greatest love - fresh bread and whipped butter? Really?


Yes, we will do this. Summer is a good time for lots of grilling, fresh fruits and veggies, colorful trips to the farmers market and cooking at home. And if after 8 weeks, I see changes, then ok. And if not, I am marching us down to the Pearl Bakery and going at it with wild abandon!

Of course, the above statement does not account for the fact that my kids will hate it, and are damned picky eaters as it is. Can we do it without cracking?


  1. Here's my list of faves. (And yes, the sticker shock is enough to kill you).

    Udi's whole grain bread (find it in the frozen bread section) It's the only one worth the money. Toast and spread with earth balance "butter" and Jam. Yum

    Bob's Redmill GF pancake batter mix. It's better than the gluten stuff. Really. Add enough rice milk to make the batter a bit runny.

    Snyders makes GF pretzels and I don't think you could tell the difference.

    Bob's Redmill corn bread mix. Ooooh La La!

    If you want, we could go shopping together one evening after 7:00. I am more than happy to walk you through the things that help us get through it.

    We also went GF before taking out dairy, and I did it by replacing one thing at a time, instead of cold turkey. It really helped me quite a bit. The process took a couple weeks, but it was a lot less stressful than suddenly feeling like there was nothing to eat.

  2. Am taking you up on that offer...when?

  3. how funny... but we just started going GF/CF three weeks ago. we are doing a 3 month trial as well, and I suggest the best cookbooks so far~
    Cooking For Isaiah. she gives you cheaper ways to make your own flour, and pancake mix (both way way way cheaper than the OTC, and I have found them to be better baking wise as well) and her recipes~ are amazing. Just tonight we made her stuffed bell peppers... and the boys ate them up with reckless abandon. another library find for you!!!!