Monday, November 14, 2011

School Pictures, or How To Make A Cute Girl Look Damn Horrible

So bad. Oh, no words too describe how bad. Five year-old girl in line for school pictures, distraught because her aides are trying to convince her to take off her headphones for the school picture (by my request, by the way). She is crying, anxious, refusing to even open her eyes for the photographer. After many tries, he finally gets one with he eyes open, red and weepy. Big tears on her cheeks. She did manage a "smile", which looks an awful lot like the grimaces I made while in labor with her.

We are not doing a retake. Screw it. Hopefully someday, at her College graduation or her wedding, I will pull it out so we can laugh. This will take some perspective only time can provide.

And no, will not be posting it.