Sunday, July 17, 2011

Off the Wagon

We had a total GF-breakdown yesterday and baked Isaac's famous yummy peanut butter cookies (used flaxseed and 1/3 GF free baking flour, but yes, regular flour as well). Isaac begged, and I caved. Why? Why after 3 weeks of being so good?

Refer to next post. I was weakened by rough winds and was reduced to a grand moment of "f*ck it". It's okay to say that sometimes, isn't it?


  1. We just baked our usual peanut butter cookies tonight from the old Joy of Cooking recipe using regular flour. Your post made me wonder how much difference GF flour would make, it may be an interesting experiment. Was there any reason for using 1/3 GF flour vs. 1/2 or 2/3? Is the taste difference so significant? You can tell I have not tried GF yet.

  2. Most GF flour lacks some of the protein binders we are used to, which changes the texture of cakes, cookies, bread. A wise momma told me to supplement the GF flour with ground almonds etc, to help with that. Too much GF flour leads to peanut butter patties, rather than cookies. More moms are blogging about the GF diet, and how to make your own flour by mixing in proteins, which I am going to start playing with. Good times...

  3. you know what..... "they" ( I have no idea who the f#@$ they are) but "they" say that sometimes a gradual reduction... which seems to be the route your on.... may be better for some. because the withdraw is so strong.....
    so, dont beat yourself up! it is not worth it. not to mention~ you were able to have a cookie! I know... I know..... another resource to look at... but check out "Living Without" magazine. I had a friend lend me hers- and It gave the a sense of power that it is not as hard as we make it out to be.
    until you make your own flours... the best out there is this stuff. keep a box of it in your cupboard for moments like this. it is like powder gold~ but good to have around.

    not to mention~ if you dont have a little "back slide" with gluten how can you see if there is a difference (right!)

    also- have you had an ELISA test (tests for in tolerances) done by a natural path? you may want to see if the GFCF thing is even worth the headache for you. I have a referral of one here in Tigard that is a DAN doctor... if you are interested.
    my novel will conclude now.... with, a good luck, and you are doing just fine!

  4. the flour....

  5. GF diet is in trash. Couldn't handle it right now. But on a reduced GF diet it that helps. Does it? Would love the recco, Tif. Thanks!