Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bike First NW: Lose the Training Wheels Camp Ends!

I will start by saying that the Bike First NW Lose the Training Wheels camp was worth every penny, not just because they got Isaac up on two wheels as advertised, but because they seemed to have shifted his entire attitude about bike-riding in general. He gets on the bike for our daily practice runs without a single complaint, he does not get frustrated when things don't go perfectly, and when he was nipped by the bike and bled from a small scratch, he managed to not sound as if the injury would lead to an eventual amputation, but instead asked for a band-aid and GOT BACK ON THE BIKE!

Now, we have only cruised around the church parking lot across the street from our house (only filled with cars on Sunday, perfect location), and over on the Jefferson HS Track that he learned on, but we will get there in good time. In the meantime, I jog alongside him and challange him to "races" (helps motivate him to keep pedaling faster). And the second miracle from the Bike First camp...I find that I can (when properly motivated) actually jog for more than 2 minute stretches! I might survive the Zombie Apocolypse after all!

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