Monday, January 31, 2011

Me, Schmee...

Am half way through a glass of wine and just realized that, wow, I haven't eaten anything today since a Special K breakfast bar at 8AM. So am half way through my FIRST glass of wine and feeling as if I just polished off my third. Yeah for the cheap date!

Mondays are interesting. They are the most mommy-abusive of the week. Getting ready for school, drowsy kids, rush rush, running around, therapy in the afternoon for one, a new martial arts class for the other, husband working laaaate, and once again I have forgotten to think about the basics. You know, like eating. And the sucky thing is that I am not even getting a benefit for ignoring myself. Saddlebags? Check. Pouchy tummy? Check. 'Cause when I do remember to eat, it is crud food supplemented by the occasional V-8.

And the closest thing I have had to a fruit today is the fermented grape in my drink. Yum, but feeling a little loose and blurry. Fun when it is a Saturday night with the girls, not so fun when it is bath time. Dear God. Will I end up a story on the Nancy Grace Show? "Mommy Drunk and Blogging while 8 year-old Drowns in Shower"?

Hey, it could happen.

So I am not doing the best job of looking after myself. But the kids are sleeping through the night, are doing well in school, are have success in their various therapies, they are pooping (hey, you know how important that is in the ASD world), I have two more weeks to prep for the first of this years IEPs (and yes, there is always more than one per child in my world) and it is my hubbies turn to read to the kids at bedtime tonight. Will finish my wine and stop bitching.


  1. I've been thinking about the topic of not taking care of myself for a long time. In a National Geographic special on stress, they say we moms of children with special needs are aging ourselves 6 years for every 1. We need to start taking care of ourselves. Have a little fun just for you. It helps. -M

  2. Holy Crap, Megan! Let's see, Isaac was diagnosed 4 years ago, so that makes this next bday my 65th. Who wants to party with me on my 65th birthday this June? Insead of X, we can pop baby aspirin, and we can spike the cocktails with prune juice!


    What a thought. I still feel 35. How old do YOU feel?