Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Good Friend Stars

Isaac can be a good friend. He is sought out in his class by others to sit next to, to play with. Isaac can be a great friend, when he likes you. If he doesn't like you, he can be a real sh*t head.

That is what we are finding out. Now, I never ever ever thought of Isaac as the Innocent One, or the Victim, or then anything else then what he is - a young boy. They can tease, they can be sneaky, they can play favorites. And in a typical world, that is just being a boy. Not great, but expected.

But in a class of social and behavioral issues, this is a hot topic and currently causing all kind of problems. These days, if we are not calling for an FBA (functional behavior assessment), or an expulsion hearing, it's all manageable. Still, I feel terrible that Isaac is part of what is causing stress in G (and it is a two way street I've been told, but at least I can run a detour on my end).

So, we are creating a Good Friend Award for Mr. Isaac, with the stress on stepping out of our comfort zone. Being a Good Friend to someone we like is not hard, but being a Good Friend to someone we have a hard time with (say, like my Sister-in-law, who I snapped at and made cry earlier today - yes, I apologized and made up for it, but am still feeling horrid about it) is being a really Good Friend, and will be rewarded. If he can be a Good Friend so many times in a week, he can pick something from the prize box. Will see how it goes...hey, at least this particular behavior might not be from his ASD. He might have just inherited being a sh*thead from me...

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