Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bedtime Conversation with Eight Year Old II

For years I have been watching the wheels spinning in Isaac's head as he contemplates how to phrase a question or get more information from the people around him. The excitement last fall was when he went from asking "what is your favorite color" to "WHY is that your favorite color?"

So these bedtime conversations have been no less then thrilling. So need to share. Especially in the light of reading his previous IEP's.

Last night it was a continuation of his fascination with Benjamin Franklin. "So what did he look like? Why was he so important? What did he invent? Can I invent things too? Do I need to go to college to invent? Can I invent a time machine? How does a time machine work? Mom, would you go into the past or the future? I would go into the past to when everyone was born to see that. How do you get to be on money? Will Obama be on money?".

Please note all of the "Who's what's when's how's". I even showed him how to research Ben on wikipedia to get more information. At times, I wonder what has changed in him to make this contemplative leap. But honestly, I believe his brain is maturing, just like the rest of him. And it is good times, friends. Good times.

His IEP is in a few short weeks. The next "Big Step" is on the horizon (back to more mainstream classes). Need to remember these bits for when I am sitting in the meeting surrounded by what he can't do.

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  1. Love love love this kind of post. GOOD TIMES indeed! Celebrate with wine!