Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Welcome to IEP-land. The Sh*ttest Amusement Park in the World!

Ok ok ok. Exaggeration.

Or is it?

There is a House of Mirrors, where you think you have agreed on a clear path for your child but end up cornered between IEP goals and limited staffing.

There is the Haunted House, where the (budget) slashing might be metaphorical, but no less bloody.

Of course, right past (we'll do it) Tomorrow Land, is Fantasy Land, where you actually understand what all of those percentages and minutes on your IEP stand for.

Lastly, there is The Big Scream, IEP-lands famous roller coaster, where in-between wanting to scream at PPS for forcing your child into an environment you know will not work, you feel like losing your lunch from the stress of it all.

And the price of admission is your heart, your soul, your pride, your dignity, your sanity, but hopefully not your childs' future.


  1. K-Yuck! I know it! Well, only sort of. I'm not even in Kindy yet. But did you know you can have your preschool teacher come with you to the iep meeting? Make the request, and they have to invite her and pay for her time. (assuming you were talking about your kindy-bound one.) I breath better thinking that PPS is our Plan B. We just need to find a Plan A.

  2. Ah, Plan A. Good luck, friend. Yes, the kindy-bound one (and the 2nd graders is 3 days later). It is funny - MESD has arranged it so that it is taking place at the preschool with the teacher, MESD, and the Specials coordinator from PPS for our future school. But now the biggie is on everyones mind - to IEP or to IFSP. Kindy or another year of preschool. That will be my next blog.

  3. Do you really get a choice to wait on kindy? we were pretty much told, ru will be 5 in June, it's kindy or no services. Im pretty sure Ru will be in a CB class with forays into mainstream.

    wine? pass the xanax.