Wednesday, September 22, 2010

OK, Step Away From the Ledge...

Good friend who has known me far too long (has it been 21 or 22 years?) came in to carefully lead me away from the edge of panic, to calm me down and hand me a chill pill. She also happens to be a Special Ed therapist who specializes in behavior replacement in the classroom, and works closely with ASD kids and para-aides down in Phoenix.

She came in from the side of the para-aides, in respect to their positions within the classroom and responsibilities to the children. Basically, she told me that most likely because Isaac is coming in with such good behaviors and is so high functioning, that they have not assigned a specific aide to him. The shared aides (the ones that seemed more engaged during the meeting), will likely be the ones helping Isaac when needed. The others need to know, of course, which is why they were at the meeting, but they have been assigned to specific kids and are more back-up personnel for him.

Ok. Sure. I get that. And I will come in with a smile and a positive attitude. But I optimism and assumptions are what got us here, and to quote my Kiwi pals, that road was as "rough as guts".

There is a Back to School night tonight at Alameda, and David and I are going so he can see the class and meet the teacher and aides. It is another opportunity to touch base and alter that first impression in a less formal setting. And on Isaac's first day at Alameda, I am stopping at Grand Central and picking up nibbles for the teaching staff in his room. I know, it is an obvious plea for clemency. But in my experience, a display of gratitude to the staff is a good start. Ok. It is a bribe. But even my friend said do it.

Oh, and did I mention Isaac is not starting on the 23rd now? Delayed by a week, so his first day is the 30th. And the reason is a positive one. Two of the kids are being mainstreamed out of the CB class and into the general population. Mr. P doesn't want Isaac to start until after the students have moved on, the class less in flux.

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