Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Day of Second Grade

Ok. It was a bit anti-climactic. He will be at Pioneer for another week, getting back into the rhythm and allowing his new class to get up and running, beyond the hectic first days. So we schlepped all the way into deep SE (ok, exaggeration), and deposited our newly minted 2nd grader back at his old school.

It is hard to be impatient with everything when he is so happy and proud of himself. On his daily goal sheet, "super job", smiley faces, and stars.

Isaac's IEP, which at time reads like a rap sheet, was sent over this week. I pre-empted that by sending over an Introduction to Isaac, a one sheet commentary on Isaac as a person, not as a special needs kid with a history. I talked about his likes and dislikes, his natural sense of rhythm and pitch, his passion for Yu-Gi-Oh and Harry Potter, and his love of all things pink. This might have been the only thing I got out of the MPAC meeting I went to 4 years ago (and never returned to).

He has been tired the last few days, but otherwise we are back into patterns of the school year. Isaac won't start Alameda until later this month, although we are imposing on the new teacher this Friday to meet face to face and tour the school.

Oh yes, about my last rant. I sent an email out and within a day was getting responses. Most of them reassuring, but also honest. He does have classroom experience, and years and years of working with ASD kids. They think he will be a good fit with Isaac.

Waiting and seeing.

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