Friday, September 10, 2010

Eastside Social Skills Play Group

Or, more specifically, the fantasy to start one.
We love OGA and will still go once a month at least, but I am thinking we need one on the East side. I am going to start pecking around and look to see if we can start one.

At OGA, the kids have a blast in a safe and fun environment, but it is more of an opportunity for parents to get together and share. Which is so important. Yet the kids interact less then I would like.

So the focus of the playgroup would be to get the parents and kids together to play, but REALLY play. Tumbling and running, but also put on puppet shows together, work on our board game skills with other kids, even learn the rules of a few playground games. Isaac was petrified when he first encountered the Kindergarten playground all alone. After a week or so, of pretty much wandering around on his own, one of the aides gave him a job - rope turner for a jump rope game. Boom. Loved recess. Then he learned "red light green light", then "what time is it Mrs. Shark".

Now to put it together. Hmm.


  1. I'm in. 100%. Gimme a job, I'll help make it happen!

  2. I was going over possible venues today. Holly mentioned a coffee shop in SE PDX, but it is rather small and is a place a business, and I don't know if that will work as well. Maybe as a back up. Then I took O to the indoor playground at Penninsula today. Gym. Community Space. Full of gym equipment and toys. Locations all over PDX. Now who the hell do I contact to request the space? They rent it out (we rented it out for O's 3rd bday) but it is pricey, and this is a community service, after all. Will work on it starting tomorrow and figure it all out. Alameda might also be an option, asking about that on Wednesday at Isaac's meeting.

    You are officially recruited! Thanks, Korin!

  3. Hi Kristin, would this be open to any age? I think Liam could benefit from something like this. How can I help?

  4. Hi Sara! I am thinking of breaking it into two play groups, one for older kids that I will start through Isaac's school, and one just for our little peanuts. Ms. Holly is advising for the peanut-version. My goal is that when the winter rains start at the end of October, that I can have this set up. Contacting Portland Parks and Rec today, talking to Alameda tomorrow. I think more than anything else, knowing that we have so much interest already in this is key. I will know more about road blocks this week, and will let all know if I need more help.

    One of the most valuable aspects to this is parent participation. The social skills group we go to once a month in B-town (at OGA) is great because it is on the weekend, and parents can be there to connect. So weekend venue is key.

    How is Liam doing at Preschool?

  5. Sorry, Sara. Forgot to answer first question. It is open to kids from toddler-dom to 10 yo. The average age is around 4-5, and I think the eldest is 8. It is a large facility, and can accomodate lots of different activity. Liam would fit in.