Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sensory Santa!

ASO just announced there would be an opportunity for kids on the spectrum to have their own Santa Visit at the Lloyd Center, on Dec. 5th from 8AM to 10AM.

The idea is that the kids will have the mall pretty much to themselves, and provide lower lighting and a calmer environment for those who are a bit sensitive or easily overwhelmed. Each family that attends will receive a free photo with the Big Guy himself.

Isaac visited a mall Santa once, when a little guy. But that was about it. My kids usually look on at Mall Santa Lands with wonder but I can never get them to join the Que to participate. Not that I blame them. I have a whole series of pics of me on Santa's lap looking a bit underwhelmed, wondering where my F%*#@g candy cane is. But we will go. If you too want to give it a go, contact Heather Munro at:

I stopped believing in Santa on my 8th Christmas, when I caught my dad putting together a dollhouse in the middle of the night, and he came clean rather then go into a production about being Santa's Helper. This is Isaac's 8th Christmas. I wonder, how will he take it? "You mean you've been lying all of these years?".


  1. Ruby doesn't even get the whole idea of santa just yet. I don't think she'll sit on a strangers lap either way...

  2. Ha! I'm with Ruby - don't we warn them about that anyway? Olivia likes the idea - she is always talking about Santa and is very much into the holiday "scene". So we will give it a try. But to be honest, Olivia has a big issue with social shyness around other kids, and anything we can do to encourage her with her peers is done. Can spotting Santa keep her from taking off?

  3. It's on our calendar! I'm just not sure how Tessa will respond. Last year there was a clear head-shaking and a look of "I like St. Nick, Mom, but WTF!"