Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Welcome to Alameda Elementary School

Yesterday was Isaac's first day back in a Typical School. I know that I am making a huge deal about this, and yes, I do err on the side of exaggeration. I'm Irish, it's my heritage.

But it has been such a long twisted journey to get back to square one. Things started to fall apart around Jan. of his Kindergarten year, so 22 months ago. 22 months to get back to where Isaac was yesterday.

It went well. No, it went great. He was excited to be there, and had a blast in class and even the dicey minefield of recess and lunch. According to his transition aide from Pioneer - "He was the best behaved kid in the class, easily", and his new teacher "I could have used Isaac at the beginning of the year". He was used as a role model of appropriate behavior for the rest of the CB class. He did well in his academics. He is on track to leaving the shelter of the CB class to sit in on the academics of the typical class.

So of course, I am paranoid. Let the honeymoon wear off, some challenges start (he is not really being challenged at the moment), and we will see.

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