Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gack Yuck

Plague making it's way through the household, and I am the most recent victim. Trying to pull it together before Halloween.

I have had the blues lately. Not depressed - seems to harsh a word. Just blah blah blah. Isaac seems highly strung lately, Olivia is stressed out every time I drop her off for school. I worry that things are going off again (do my kids just hate the month of October?), and am trying to stop it all yet not over react.

So excuse me if I am not keeping things up to date. Still trying to decide my approach. And I am quite the drama-queen about these things - way back, back in the dark reaches of my brain, I am preparing for the worst. What is the worst? Am not sure about that either. And my flu is not helping...

Geeze. Need to perk up a bit.

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