Friday, October 15, 2010


First there is the blood work. CBC, Ferritin, then checking for lead levels and heavy metals.
Then, the genetic studies. High Resolution chromosomes, and a Fragile X Probe. And to round up this first course in using Isaac as a Pin Cushion, a Thyroid study, Free T-4 and TSH.

Yep. Why do they bother explaining these things to me in the office? I can never hold the information, and spend the following two hours hunting through trying to sort it out.

But what we do have is a New Diagnosis of PDD-NOS (wiki it yourself), with a side label of Communication Disorder. But since the ASD diagnosis was accurate at the time it was given 4 years ago, we are keeping that on the books too.

"Hi, I am Isaac. I have PDD-NOS with a Communication Disorder and a previous diagnosis of ASD."

Hi, I am Isaac's mom, and right now the DSM-IV can bite me.

I'll me mature about it tomorrow. It has been a big week.

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