Thursday, October 7, 2010

Super-Duper Kick Ass!!!!!!!

Oh, am soooooo excited. Finally, after lots of calls and messages to Portland Parks and Rec locations all over East PDX, I have made contact and found the enthusiasm I was looking for.

Yes, Patty of Sellwood Community Center, I love you.

It is still a bit early in the process to say when the Social Skills Group will start meeting, but we have a where folks, and a champion to help us start it up.

So for those of you who don't know, and that included me until this morning, Patty Gaines helps teach the Gentle Start Preschool at the Sellwood Community Center, which I will post a link to.

It is just what it sounds - a preschool for kids 3-4 years old who might be a bit overwhelmed by the typical preschool experience. We talked about the community need for more programs for these kids similar to those for the typical kids - Indoor playgrounds, maybe other classes such as social skills groups, game playing, etc. We talked about needing it maybe once a week, including one or two meetings a month on the weekend for a chance for all parents to participate.

She said she was excited to work on it. And you know I am excited. So all by dears, lets fill those spaces. Anyone who is interested in participating in such a program, email me at Pass the word on, send them my way. We are just looking for names at this point to get an idea of interest, no need for commitment just yet. I am hoping that with enough interest, we can add classes in other centers in East Portland.

Go Team!

Will talk about the other big event today, the meeting with Isaac's new Developmental Behaviorist, after I calm down a bit.

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