Saturday, August 14, 2010

You Have Autism

Back from out little away time FROM the kids, oh I love them but it is so nice to sleep and eat and watch a movie again, minus the being-a-mom part. I slept 8 hours. IN A ROW.

I have been wanting to talk about The Talk for awhile, but have been so distracted by school-dramas. So I am putting a blip out there to see what comes back.

I had thought that the biggest talk I would need to have with the kids before releasing them into the world would be about sex. Discovering our sexual selves is such a paradigm shift in our lives, right? Colors the world with a different palate, especially how we see ourselves.

But how do you tell a child that, according to the rest of society, they are NOT NORMAL? There is no health issue or physical disability that shouts it out, and using Isaac as my context, he looks just like everyone else. We do not hesitate to discuss his ASD around him, but have not really sat him down and said, "You have Autism".

To him, THIS is normal. Finding out that this isn't, how will that change how he sees himself?

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  1. You are different, not less. I love that line from the Temple Grandin film.