Thursday, August 26, 2010


So our little impromptu Sensory Preschool, so idealistically put together after the sudden death knoll of Edwards, is caput for now (and for very good reasons, logistics being the least of it). So my slacker approach to finding Olivia a new program (an approach made up of me sitting on my butt the whole month of August and being optimistic), hasn't really worked out that much. My second approach is luckily very similar; sitting on my butt for the whole month of August and then scrambling something together in the first few weeks of September. Go team!

My lame excuse of there not being time to visit other EI programs between the announcement of Edwards and the end of the term still holds though. I will visit them after the start of fall term, once the panic attack of Isaac and Alameda subsides a bit.

And the panic will likely be minor (again, did I mention that much of my approaches revert to optimism and occasional bouts of denial?). Isaac is a Pioneer graduate, but the Pioneer team will be in control of the transition to Alameda for the first few weeks.

The first few days, he will be at Pioneer. Then, over the next few weeks, they will work him into his new class, attending part-time at Alameda with one of his aides and making sure that any issues that come up are managed before the Pioneer staff release him to Alameda.

Can you imagine? If our beloved Ms. Holly, Ms. Amanda, or Mr. Brian were able to attend the first week of classes for out little ones who are all in flux right now. Can you imagine what the success rate would be for all of the Ruby's, Tessa's, Ellie's and Olivia's out there?


  1. caput? what happened? I am clearly so not in the loop.

  2. Ms. Holly had to pull the plug for professional and personal reasons. It might happen in the future, but is a long shot. The loop is not always a fun place to be, Korin.