Thursday, August 19, 2010

And Now for More of the Same...

Summer is already almost over, and now we are already gearing up for the fall and Isaac's transition.

This should be interesting, and worth noting here in this blog for anyone who is interested. It will be a tale of failure and recovery, hopefully. But we are not there just yet.

Right now we are finally having a normal summer vacation from school, as short as that might be. Swimming lessons, afternoons at the park, trips to Grandmas. In this short month off of school, we get to be as normal as anyone else.

Well, almost. There is some anxiety, and not a little regret. But to ease the next few weeks, I have written down a list of goals for Isaac's move back into a typical school, and a list of goals for us at home (Poor O, I will get to her in September - in the meantime we are playing CandyLand 4 times a day and making cookies). First on our list goals at home: make a solid base of friends for Isaac. He has moved around too much. It is time to set roots down again in our neighborhood.

The list for school is lengthy and I will put down a few points:

What are MESD's expectations for Isaac in the next year?
What are my expectations of the class and teacher?
What is the teaching style? How does that match his learning style?
How do we teach and encourage Self Advocacy?
How can we use his strengths? How can we smooth over his weaknesses?


Where's the nearest bar?

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