Tuesday, August 3, 2010

And Now Back to Child #1...

Transition Meeting #3 with Isaac's teacher at Pioneer. Should be the second to the last prep meeting before the Big One with his new teacher at the end of August. Am I ready? Of course not. I was going to do that today while O was at school, but was wrapped up in more Edwards-talk with parents and teachers. Then there was a promised few hours this evening, but I was happily distracted by husband's suggestion of sitting in the Beer Garden at Amnesia on Mississippi (my mom is in town, yeah grandma!).

In all of this chaos, must remember to sit in a beer garden surrounded by hipsters and Irvingtonians slumming it more often!

That's all for tonight. Back tomorrow.


  1. This blog is really great; get to see how you are processing this experience. I feel closer to you. Also, if you are on Mississippi you are not slumming.

  2. No, I have 'hood cred. But when I see someone from Irvington rolling up in their Mercedes, I know THEY are slumming it. BTW, Cheryl is digging the Mississippi Food Cart scene. It is, dare I say it, "cute".