Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Know it Looks Funny, But it Hurts...

Isaac & Olivia heard a few words they rarely hear, as I managed to gouge out the bottom of my foot on a nail that had somehow emerged from the 100 year old wooden floor (darn you, old house)!

Now, I know it looked funny, as I hopped on one foot, the other dripping blood, to the bathroom looking for neosporin and any band-aid I could find (this time, Dora and boots swimming). And I know there was a lot of blood. And there was no lack of drama as I considered whether or not this was going to require shots or stitches. So the groundwork was laid for their reactions.

Isaac is not insensitive, but sometimes he reacts to what he perceives as the most dominant aspect of a situation, without considering the rest. So, mom hopping and cursing her way to the bathroom was just plain FUNNY! I mean, come on! He did manage to gasp out "are you okay mom", which after 3.5 years of training it is good to know that he remembered that much.
And I managed to not lose my temper enough to remind him that laughing at someone else in such a situation is considered not very nice. I tend to lose my temper when I am in pain. Yes, the delivery room was not a pleasant place to be with me. I may have thrown something at a nurse. Isaac managed to pick up this bad attitude to pain from me.

And because it is a spectrum, Olivia decided to hang out at the other end of it. Horror. Tears. Saw the blood coming through the band aid and decided that I was dying. "Oh momma, don't die! Oh no! You have to go to the doctors house (does she mean hospital) RIGHT NOW".


Yes, I am hurt. No, I am not dying. So I calm everyone down, and hobble into a corner to pout just a tiny bit. And bleed in peace.

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