Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bike First! Registration Open for Summer Clinic

Heard about this last year too late to join, but we are attending the Bike First Clinic this summer (link to right under "What We Know About").

This is one of our parental failures friends: hubby and I were just not capable of teaching Isaac how to ride the bike with anything resembling confidence. He is still on training wheels, and seems unable to get over his anxiety. He also does not seem to understand how hard he needs to push the pedals to move forward, and can't steer very well.

But yet, at the end of last "Summer-that-never-was", we saw Isaac pedaling and steering like a pro on an adult sized trike during a company picnic. So we know he CAN do it, but his anxiety and our sad-parenting skills are likely getting in the way.

I have heard stellar things about this program, and signed us as soon as the registration opened (which was today). Will report back to let you know how it goes this summer.

Basically, what this is telling me is that my new Mommy-approach is going to be "if there's a problem, let's throw money at it!" Can't be any worse than some of my other approaches, such as "ignore it and it will go away", "they are the experts so let's let them handle it", and the infamous "that's not my kid - I don't know WHERE his/her mother is"!

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