Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Attack on the Mouse

So we did Disneyland. 5 straight days of over-stimulating-sensory-slamming-crowd-pushing-chaos. Not an easy feat with NT kids, intimidating with two kids dealing with a variety of anxiety issues. It was exhausting.

It was awesome.

We had planned the hell of this trip, evenings spent with the kids pouring over guide books, looking at YouTube uploads of the park and hotel, discussing game plans and park maps, going on for nearly a year. Was it all worth it? I will say yes since it was a great trip. Was all of that planning necessary? Probably not, they were so happy and distracted by everything all around them there was little in they way of anxiety or meltdowns (none, in fact). And every night at the Disney Hotel was a blank slate of dreamless sleep, the sleep of the truly exhausted.

In fact, I am still exhausted, unable to pull even a real post together. Sorry folks.

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  1. I'm so glad the kids have a great time! It's funny because when we took Ellie earlier in the year, I suffered from sensory overload more than she did. We did experience a couple of small meltdowns. It mostly had to do with taking Ellie on the Alice in Wonderland ride. It scared her, and rightly so. I wish I would have done more research prior to taking her on the trip. I guess what I'm trying to say is that reasearch is a good thing!