Saturday, August 6, 2011


Yes, you history geeks (and prehistory geeks) know what I am talking about - one of the oldest surgical procedures known to humankind, trepanning - removing part of the skull to relieve pressure to the brain. And if a neanderthal can manage to thrive after this procedure is done with the most rudimentary of tool(and skill) sets, than little Miss O will do just fine.

On a Friday we received the doctors recommendation of surgery. It was not a surprise and we understood the course of action. I guessed that it would be a few months away, and I was mentally prepared for it being as early as the holidays. Three days later we received the call - no, not the Holidays. Not even the fall. August 8th, and the neurosurgeon and altered her surgical schedule to get O in as soon as possible. That sense of urgency threw me a bit, and I have been edgy ever since.

I understand why. Sooner is better, especially since the pooling of cranial fluid at the top of the spinal column could lead to damage to the dural matter, the skin like membrane covering the brain. So I get it. I just wasn't ready for it being so soon.

And hear we are, three days away from the knife. Since that meeting with the Neurosurgeon, we have had an additional MRI, a scare from the insurance co, and a tour of the Children's Hospital at Legacy Emanuel. The second MRI was negative for lower spinal cord damage (yeah!), the insurance co sent us a letter to say that the surgery was elective and not covered by our insurance (was corrected within a 30 minute phone call and received apologies from Blue Cross, but was rattling), and the tour was loved by both kids - O loved meeting the nursing staff and seeing the playroom.

I am feeling ok. Not great, and I can feel the stress building in my chest. But we are prepared, have support, and know what to expect. I know she will be in the PICU the first day and night, then in a regular room. That we will be there 3 days. That there are 100 people there to make her feel better as she recovers, and that mommy and daddy will be by her side the entire time. We have great insurance and this won't be a burden financially. That she will be ready for Kindie in the fall, and Disneyland in October will be a good time for all. That unlike with so many families out there, there is a surgical procedure for THIS, there is an answer. And Dammit, that is worth a hell of a lot.

Perspective! Yeah!
Anyway, am making a video Diary of O, before and after. To see if this C1M has impacted her ASD. Will post a few as time goes on.


  1. Thinking of you guys today. Sending LOTS of love.

  2. Thinking of you all. Looking forward to updates. Best wishes, Tatiana

  3. Wow... and oh WOW! this is quite the summer for you and your family. Sending you great amounts of Love and Peace as this day unfolds. Little O is a fighter (look who she has as a mother~ its genetic!) be well. be centered. and breath!

  4. wondering how your little family is! hope all is well.

  5. Thinking of you! Hope all went well and O is home now or soon.

  6. Let us all know how you are doing. Lots of people read your blog and care.

  7. Hello Kristin, Since I can not find your phone number, I don't really know how to reach you, so I will start here. I met your precious daughter, Olivia, at Holly's preschool last spring. What a kind and caring little girl she was to my two grandchildren who were visiting.

    I hope she is doing well.

    I got your number from Holly and talked with you once. You had mentioned that you were going to get together some of the families that will be at Alameda this fall. I know that you have been extremely busy this summer, but was wondering if you were still interested in getting together. We could meet at my house if Olivia was up to it. Let me know. Grandma lauree 503.887.7249

    PS I don't know how to sign in, or "comment as", so I am going to write anonymous. Sorry.

  8. Thanks all! Just posted an update, thanks for all of the love. lauree, I will call you later today!