Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Missing In Action

It has been a few weeks since I even opened up this dashboard to look or write. Things have been crazy, spinning around like a cartoon Tasmanian Devil. And I have been just hanging around in the dust and debris left behind.

To be honest, I am still there, but emerging.

So the shorthand: Olivia's sweet little Sunnyside program is gone, due to just a range of non-school related issues that are none of my business to go into detail on. It was a school run with love and care, but like many small programs, it was subject to the storms of life and LIFE. I am sad, but not surprised.

Olivia has also been on a medical whirl. First it was a nasty virus, then it was chronic hives (virus related), then it was a slew of sensory craziness no doubt due to the above. Then, one silly, typical day, Olivia looked at me and I realized one of her eyes was suddenly, and without obvious reason, crossed. And the sensory maelstrom increased, poor bug. To the point that I am somewhat concerned about some behavior regression while she deals with her blurred world. Now we have glasses, patches, and have an MRI scheduled. And we wait.

So in the midst of all of this wonk-eyed chaos, she turned 5yo, had her first "Friend Party" with two buddies (Princess Tea Party), and has been visited by PPS for her observation regarding placement. I joined some kind of SEPTAP committee (not quite sure what it is I am doing), volunteered to start a newsletter both at Alameda and for SEPTAP, and gained 4 pounds.

Christ on a cracker.

Get back to you soon with more.


  1. I've been wondering about you! So sorry to hear all that O is going through. sending many vibes of good luck an dhealing to you all. When you come up for air, I'd love to try and hook up for wine, since kindy is coming and I'm wondering if we're going to end up in the same school (which would be lovely).
    Keep breathing. hopefully the end of the shitstorm is near.

  2. We've done 2 MRI's--one at Kaiser and one at OHSU and there was a huge difference in the way the two places worked with kids. Kaiser's MRI process was basically "adult light", OHSU's was completely kid-oriented, and a much better experience for both kids and adults--would highly recommend them if you have a choice of where to go for an MRI. Let me know if you are interested in more specific info.

  3. Korin - name place and time, and I can make it happen. And as a dear friend told me today (regarding an unrelated crisis), the end of THIS shirtstorm is near, but there is always another one being forecast! HA!

  4. Thanks, Tatiana - did not even consider this. Will call tomorrow to make sure it will be the right one for us. It is at Legacy Emmanual Children's hospital, so am optimistic. Do you mind if I ask what your MRI was "for"? Not sure what to expect. Do they look only at a specific area of concern, or do the whole cranial enchilada?